Jaimie Fauth as Leo

Grant Landry as Tony

introducing Avie Weber as Baby Dylan

Matt Orduña as Nelson

Malika Williams as Mya

Kevin Held as Jesse

Steve Hasley as Randy

Emily Adams as Shannon

Amin El Gamal as Trev

Daniel Rhyder as Mike

Elizabeth Pan as Heidi

Jim Custer as William

D.J. Harner as Sylvia

Maxwell Chase as Russell

Emily Sandack as Meg

Nick Ryan as Kalen

I. Elijah Baughman as James the Junkie

Justin Huen as Javier

Liana Arauz as Carla

Riley Menzies as Nicky

Jacquelin Arroyo as Young Woman

Sean Hill as Stoney

TBA as Ellis

Kayla Ibarra as Becky

Adam Caplan as Sean Larson

Tanda Mercer as Dr. Dana Reed

Don Oscar Smith as Larson Sr.

Jon Levenson as Greg

Byron Laurie as David Spenser

Veralyn Jones as Augustine Pierce

and Scott Lowell as Zack Riley

Desmond Faison
Will Hemminger

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  1. where i can buy dvd?

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