About The Project

The Story:

“For years, Tony and Leo have been in a happy relationship. They’ve always talked about having a child, so when a baby is abandoned at a local hospital, Tony sees it as a sign. Suddenly, Leo is confronted with making good on his promise to start a family and face his fears of being a father or risk losing Tony.”

The Writer/Director:

“I’m just a Thelma looking for my Marty, in hopes that we’ll one day make great stories together.”

Michelle discovered editing betwixt her sophomore and junior year of undergraduate studies, when three things happened. She landed a part-time job at Blockbuster Video, did summer workstudy at Goucher College’s video production studio and developed an unreasonable crush on actor Christian Slater. This serendipitous collision of circumstances birthed an indelible new awareness of films’ most invisible art and ignited a passion that would send her west in search of a beautiful career in narrative features.

Many moons later, she has not been able to make that happen… yet.

Michelle has been a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild since 2001 and worked on cable series, as well as in network programming. She has three independent features and a web series to her credit. She has edited dozens of music videos, commercials and narrative shorts. Currently, she is a producer and the editor of the popular web series The Unwritten Rules featuring Aasha Davis.

Better Half will be the second feature length film project Michelle has written, produced and directed.*

The Idea for Tony & Leo:

Better Half Film Project

A few years back, a good friend told me that there are no good gay dramas. Where are the films featuring gay people without “gay issues” attached to their personal stories? The field is wide and the selections are rare, even now, several years after we first had that conversation.

Yes, gays and lesbians do have a unique set of challenges in dealing with coming out, discrimination, social inequality, bashing and the affect the AIDs /HIV epidemic has had on their community. And no, gay life is not just about raves and sexcapades, pride parades and drag shows. THE LGBTQ community has countless undiscovered stories to tell. There are stories of love and laughter, of human connection and the daily grind of living in between.

I want to make this film because this is a story I have never seen on film. The time has come to see gay family life depicted on its own terms. It’s time for a story about everyday folk who’s lives are not the filler for the perspective of featured straight characters.

Better Half is the story that’s missing in the landscape of gay cinema.