Sean Hill as Stoney

Sean Hill resized

Living for 8 months in Beijing studying while performing Theater deeply impacted and enhanced the spoken word artistry and passion of living Sean Hill wishes to share with the world.  His poetry embraces all people and reminds them of why we are beautifully fun beings regardless of what we go through.  He’s featured at the LA Watts Riot anniversary festival Art and Music Festival sponsored by the Blue Dot Mission, opened for rapper BigSean and Diplo at the last CSUN BIG Show, and has twice hosted the Success is Our Future scholarship and graduation ceremony for all the youth homes across Southern California. He released his first spoken word album last year via online/iTunes, giving/selling approximately 500 albums in New York and California while hosting & performing at open mics at colleges while teaching afterschool poetry/theater as a SAG actor who aims at leaving this world so much better than he was fortunate enough to come in to it. – Poetry/Videos/CD for sale – Band I’m a part of who just made our kickstarter album raised from $25,000 of hard earned money from our fans and community! – CD for sale/hardcopy/digital – Buy 2 get 10% off! – Article I wrote about a downtown “guerilla” style poetry event I was a part of – An article about an event I hosted is still home of the most positive poem on the planet that I have to share with peeps =)

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