Kayla Ibarra as Becky

Kayla Ibarra

Kayla Ibarra

Kayla Ibarra was inspired early on as a young girl, watching her favorite movie ‘A Little Princess’ over and over again, and later on decided to participate in the theater program in high school. There, she decided she wanted to pursue acting professionally after portraying Madame de la Grand Bouche in a production of Beauty and the Beast. She attended the NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and also studied at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she majored in Theater Performance with a concentration in Acting for Camera, and minored in Film. From there she moved to LA and has held significant roles in theater, short films, & web series such as “The Unwritten Rules” and has recently worked on a comedic feature film, ‘Muffin Top: A Love Story’, currently in post production.

She has starred in, co-written, directed and co-produced her own short film called ‘Light’, which can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHY93pr6Nbo


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