Jim Custer as William

Jim Custer as William Para

Jim Custer as William Para

Growing up in small town in Texas (800 people) from his earliest memory, Jim, wanted to be an actor.  Only one time, when he was 12, did he change his mind to something else……a chef.  That lasted for a week and he was back to being an actor.

After 50 some years of life he’s been able to live both of those dreams.  For 30 years he pursued acting doing work all over the country in shows like “The Odd Couple” “Habitations of Dragons” “Uncle Vanya” and the World Premiere of the play “Lights.”  With his best friend and business partner Bob Hoose they created a two man performance team doing original works all across the U.S., Canada and Asia.  Together they wrote 6 books on acting, 3 musicals in print, two plays in repertoire and a host of articles on the influence of drama on the church and society.

Jim has acting credits on Boston Legal and numerous commercials like AARP, Discovery Channel, and Capital One.  He played the part of “Pops” on the hit radio drama “Last Chance Detectives” and currently is a reoccurring character on the long running kids radio show “Adventures in Odyssey.

After 30 years in the business he decided to follow his other love..…..cooking.  Studying at the Le Cordon Bleu he got is Associates degree and is currently a chef at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.  He loves the duality of his existence and that both dreams continue to be a part of living this wonderful journey called “Life!”  He is also extremely honored to be a part of this incredible cast and this incredible movie.  “I love the story!  I love the relationships!  I love the thought that once seeing this piece lives and attitudes will change!”


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