I Elijah Baughman as James

I. Elijah Baughman resizeI. Elijah Baughman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. His family relocated to Las Vegas when he was 6 years old. It was around that age when he was bitten by the acting bug. It began when he used to watch the sitcom: “Golden Girls” with his mother, which he credits as one of his greatest inspirations in pursing performing arts. He started singing at about 8 years old, and credits the “Bell Biv DeVoe” Song: ‘Poison’ & medleys by Sebastian the Crab from, “The Little Mermaid” as some of the first songs he was able to mimic verbatim. He’s always had a great knack for learning; and as English was always his best subject in school, he began writing poetry at 12 years old. Soon thereafter, he became inspired by the then emerging Hip Hop culture, and began fusing his musical, rhythmic, literary & poetic skills to become the dynamic MC/Lyricist that he is today (Under the Hip Hop Name: Epitome The One). He was the top Performing Arts student his senior year in High School; winning awards for: Choir, Theater & Performing Arts along with the Top English Student honor. After graduating, he attended Wilberforce University (The Oldest Historically Private Black College in America; located in Ohio). From there, he graduated under Cum Laude Status, accumulating a 3.5 GPA as he earned his Bachelors of Science (B.S.) Degree in Business Management.


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