Emily Adams as Shannon

Emily AdamsEmily Adams is a proud Los Angeles native. Along with her BA in English from Cal Poly Pomona, she is also a graduate and past company member of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. Emily considers her first love theatre and you may have seen her performing on various stages throughout Los Angeles including the Matrix, the Hudson Mainstage, as well as her favorite, the Freemont Centre Theatre. Emily is a former Toledo Show “dame”, and she spent almost six years dancing and performing with the jazz/blues/funk band The Toledo Show at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica, as well as various other clubs throughout L.A. and the West Coast… “If you don’t know… you better ask somebody.”

During her short career thus far, Emily has made her fair share of independent films, and has discovered she loves the collaboration, creativity, hard work and dedication that goes in to making independent  films and the family and community that is most certainly always created as a result of the sometimes long, always rewarding process. One of her past favorite’s is the feature film The Wind and the Long Black Scarf (available at an online rental store near you!) and she is looking forward to the release of one of her most recent films The Tree of Knowledge, in which she had her first experience in the world of motion capture.

She has also been lucky enough to have been able to work on some great television shows such as E.R., Heroes, and Parks & Recreation, with one of her most memorable roles playing a crack whore on the beloved Days of Our Lives. Although, being the animal lover that she is, one of her ultimate career highlights thus far, has been having her baby delivered by a chimpanzee in the back seat of a car in the popular Trunk Monkey Commercial series.

When she is not acting, Emily loves escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for some time in nature, preferably Yosemite, where she loves backpacking through the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountain range. Emily is a proud supporter of marriage equality and is honored to be a part of such an inspiring film as Better Half!


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