Racquel Lehrman


She is quoted in an LA Stage Times interview as saying “She calls her work “making things happen for other people,” and that practice goes beyond her tireless dedication to the theatre community.

Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners (Producer) is the founder and managing director of Theatre Planners, her own theatre production/PR firm which has been serving the Los Angeles theatre scene for almost ten years. She graduated from NYU-Tisch School of the Arts and lived in NY for many years producing theatre. Theatre Planners has since developed into a very busy and successful outlet for actors, writers, producers and theatre companies. Doing everything from producing, publicity, consulting, marketing and more. Racquel loves to make productions a reality and help to keep the theatre scene in LA alive and strong. Racquel is also the owner of the LOUNGE THEATRES in Hollywood on Theatre Row. To learn more about Racquel and Theatre Planners, go to www.theatreplanners.com

That is the official bio.

As a filmmaker and theater reviewer for Los Angeles’ under appreciated 50 and 99 seaters, my relationship with Racquel has been nothing short of an inspiration, bearing witness to her remarkably generosity and contagious charm. Like other supporters of Better Half, Racquel continually feeds my determination and ambition with her favorite mantra to me: “Let me know if I need anything else!!”

And we know she means it. We’re grateful and happy to have such a powerful force of business savvy and true grace on our team.