Michelle Clay, Writer/Director/Producer

“I’m just a Thelma looking for her Marty, in hopes that we’ll one day make great stories together.”

Michelle discovered editing betwixt her sophomore and junior year of undergraduate studies, when three things happened. She landed a part-time job at Blockbuster Video, did summer workstudy at Goucher College’s video production studio and developed an unreasonable crush on actor Christian Slater. This serendipitous collision of circumstances birthed an indelible new awareness of the most elegant invisible art within filmmaking and ignited a passion that would send her west in search of a beautiful career in editing narrative features.

Many moons later, she has not been able to make that happen. So she has taken matters into her own hands; in the spirit of Robert Rodriguez himself, she has begin telling her stories through feature films, by any means necessary.

Michelle has been a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild since 2001 and worked as an assistant on cable series (“Pysch”, “South of Nowhere”), as well as in series programming for TV Guide Network (“What’s The 411”, “Hollywood on Set”, “America’s Next Producer”). She has edited three independent features (Life on a Leash [2002], Windstorm [2006], The Road to Sundance [2009) and the web series “the Unwritten Rules” to her credit. She has edited dozens of music videos, commercials and narrative shorts. Having recently graduated from the MFA Film program at Art Center College of Design, Michelle has bumped up her knowledge of the evolving technologies incorporated in 21st Century filmmaking and positioned herself among the finest new crop of talented filmmakers.

To her credit, she has directed episodes of “The Unwritten Rules” and “Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s.” Currently, Michelle is working on season three of the award winning web series “The Marriage Tour”, webseries , created by David Tinsley.

Better Half will be the second feature length film project Michelle has written, produced and directed*; all in an effort to get her abilities as an editor and a storyteller noticed. Armed with a unique and compelling feature script, she’s certain her odds are much better this time around.

“The more people that get to know Tony and Leo and their stories, the more cheerleaders this projects accumulated. It’s only a matter of time before Better Half is realized on the big screen; a small matter of time before it’s brought to life.”

* Michelle was an uncredited co-director on the feature film The Road to Sundance.


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