Matt Espenshade, Cinematographer

Born in Abington, Pennsylvania but raised in the suburbs of Glendale Arizona, Matthew Espenshade’s interest, love and drive for filmmaking began at a young age. Like many filmmakers, his first films were crude labors of love produced with a few schoolyard chums and his dad’s home video camera.

After spending a year at Montana State, attending its cinema and theater program, Espenshade moved to Southern California to complete his studies at Columbia College Hollywood, feeling that a production oriented school would be a better fit. Starting school with every intention of emphasizing in directing and writing, his mind slowly began to change under the tutelage of cinematographer Charles Rose AIC; as Espenshade began to familiarize himself with cameras and lighting and shoot more and more films he found that cinematography is where his passion and talent truly was.

His career began before college graduation when he was recruited to shoot his first feature The Road to Sundance in 2008. Since, Espenshade has continued to work on various films including a second feature The Human Trial for director Gil Ben-Harosh, digital short films, and numerous commercials and music videos; many of which have received festival exhibition and awards.

In February 2012, Matt will be shooting Live in Fear, an indie horror/ghost story directed by Brandon Scullion. Better Half will be his second feature collaboration with writer/director Michelle Clay.

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