Kelly Shannon Pierce

Kelly Shannon Pierce has had two decades of experience in managing volunteer/donation endeavors, including a decade of acting as Coordinator and Art/Donation Facilitator for the Reading is Fundamental (RIF)/BSFS Books for Kids Art Auction for the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS), both year-round and at annual conventions, as well as previous years spent volunteering at summer camps for the mentally challenged.  Her interest in volunteering, and especially social causes for children and the LGBT community, is what led her to becoming involved in helping produce low-budget and independent films, including Max the Magician and The Legend of the Rings (filmed at Revel Grove, Maryland Renaissance Festival, where Kelly has worked as a manager for 20 years), which provided her initial exposure to movie production, where she helped provide reference and local talent referrals.

Kelly later went on to more extensive producing role in the feature film arena with The The Road to Sundance. She was instrumental in bi-coastal scouting and acquiring locations, locating material support, and providing stop-gap funding.  Currently, Kelly is providing production research for Michelle Clay’s latest film project, Better Half. This will be the second film on which writer/ director Michelle Clay has called upon her eminent skills as an East Coast production arm and acquisitions specialist in the Baltimore/DC area.


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