Here’s another new deleted scene from the forthcoming film Better Half.

This scene was abbreviated for time purposes. This was an attempt to give screen time and a bit of levity to characters Trev (Amin El Gamal) & Nelson (Matt Orduna). It was also meant to drop a few more hints about why Leo (Jaimie Fauth) is so hesitant to be a father: Daddy Issues. Also, sometimes, the filming is so rushed that you never really get the best coverage you want to make the scene work. We were facing a few hard outs and a tight turnaround that evening (the time between wrap for one day of filming and the start of the next day), so I think we did alright. But still, lot of backstory stuff had to go. Once again, lovely work! By Cast & Crew alike!

The World Premiere of Better Half happens Friday, August 21, 7pm                                                                                      at the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival