GayChristmasTree2Yes, It’s December all-freaking-ready!

We still have a whole month to go and ALREADY I am looking towards 2015: The Year I Get Sh*t Done! A friend told me recently that saying I’m clearing the decks for this or that isn’t enough. If can’t share that space. If It’s what you really want, You can’t make room for anything else.

Sounds about right. Maybe if I just focus 3 just three things… I’m still working it out.

Teaser Poster BIn a perfect world, I will finally get a tiny indie film called Better Half, a tiny women’s comedy festival called Broad Humor and a super cool sustainable art center space called Electric Lodge on the map for the rest of the world to enjoy and adore.

Thank Heavens for HootSuite which has enabled me to get ahead on so much publicity and marketing. Six months ahead. Starting the first of the year, Better Half on Facebook will be fully engaged in this whole Throwback Thursday business, with one vintage vid every week – with plenty of extras thrown in. First Friday Music Moments start this friday and hopefully will run through May, or until we get into a festival, which ever comes first.

In an effort to find ways to raise money for the sound mix – other than doing another crowdfunding – we have monetized our Youtube channel. So please watch EVERY NEW link all the way through. Not sure how much we can raise, but I’m testing things out. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Have an amazing holiday season! Peace, Luv & Hair grease!