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BETTER HALF 1ST FRIDAY Begin December 2014

Happy Mid-November! (Already!!)

Don’t try to tell me post production ISNT taking forever! One of our leading men has tied the knot, the other has completed and released a whole nother feature film and WE are stubbornly still hovering at 10% left to do on the film. I know, I know… Good and cheap means it can’t be fast. But our little film that can really is in better shape than she has ever been. I’m very close to submitting her to festivals, but she has to be perfect before the general public sees her in all her glory – I promised my Leading men not to release her into the world until she was as close to perfect as I could get her.

She’s getting pretty close.

one of the onesHaving said that, I think we are close enough to finished that we could start revving the marketing machine again. I’m planning something called First Fridays where I will debut a mini music video featuring movie clips and some of the awesome music in the film by Levi Kreis. Maybe we can grow our Facebook likes to beyond 1K and stay there.

The first of four installments of First Fridays Starts December 2014.

Watch, Share, Buy Some Music! Thanks!!