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Happy July 5th!

Film_Fam_ScreeningHave I ever mentioned how impossible it is to carry on a social media campaign and shoot & finish a film. It’s impossible. On the one hand, it’s very cool that a whole new category of labor has been invented. On the other, if you are a solo act primarily, there’s no doing it all unless you simply don’t sleep. And I tried that! My bones just aren’t having it anymore. So, my apologies for the 5 month hiatus.


We finished principal photography in February, pretty much making this a year-long shoot. (Believe it or not, there are still two more pieces I want/need.) We (meaning me) are now in the throes of post production. Having a film in the can is only a 1/4 of the process. 1) Pre-Production 2) Production (aka principal photography) 3) Post Production (aka Hell) & 4) Exhibition & Distribution. We have a first cut and screened it for cast & crew. It’s good. To coin a phrase from one of my producers: “The story is there and the heart is there.” Now comes the months long process of polishing, tightening, replacing, adding, deleting, Frankensteining…



I thought the screening would be bigger, but only half the RSVPs showed. No worries, I still haven’t had to do any proper grocery shopping since. I didnt get to watch the whole movie with the audience so I didn’t get to see every reaction. What I did see what pretty good. I was surprised where they laughed in places. I was happy they mostly forgave the greens screen shots that were not done yet (although they were done but then a harddrive crash and they were gone.) I’m happy My Kids were pleased. Everyone worked so hard on this project. It’s great to show them the fruits of their labor. They deserved that!

The Sundance deadline is in August and I really want to be… I will be finished by then. I have a few folks helping me now, some for free, some way way below market. If I keep at it, we’ll make that deadline. Gotta keep at it. The new finish line has to be close…