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One year later.

I have received numerous congratulations from folks about getting this movie done. But for me, this movie wont be finished, truly finished, until we make it into our first festival. There is a behemoth of work yet to be done. There are a handful of odds and ends that we will be filming next week, and a few that I have to find money for. But on the whole, birthing this baby is now largely up to me.

Despite how the cost of our final locations ballooned unexpectedly, I can honestly say only one of them turned out to not be worth the price tag. I bemoan the tenacity of our extras, but in all honesty, most of them have been cool, and patient, and actually listened when I made my announcements about the process on set. Most importantly, they were energetic and fun and really made the scene for us. Others who stepped up to help me with production on a daily basis have been completely enamored of the locations I landed. They may be more excited to see the footage than I am.

Easter Supper

These last days of filming, I’ve been making my actors a little crazy. Because we are always under the gun time-wise, filming has sometimes been a bit disjointed. One person noted that I direct like an editor. Well, sometimes actors make me crazy. I guess it’s asking a bit much for my KIDS to not only remember their lines, but also remember the three paragraphs of action describing the scene and what’s happening BEFORE their lines.  I was informed recently that YES, that is expecting too much of my actors! (lol)

The silver lining to having my car stolen: quality time with my leading men.

I’m not working until later this spring. Syncing picture to sound is the next nuts and bolts task before I can get into the edit. I plan to go underground and just not come up for air until I’ve finished. Just keep my head down and keep cutting. It’s the only way I’ll make the Cannes Deadline the first week of March.

We’ve got virtually all the pieces. Time to make them fit.