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I’m a visceral girl.
As much as I am a practical girl, and a logical girl, I’m even more so about feeling.
I struggle with our minuscule budget and my rudimentary skill in the different aspects of filmmaking
– in wardrobe, in makeup, in set design –
to get that image that looks right,

so I wont be distracted from the moment that a performance feels right.

More and more, the scenes that we are filming get closer and closer
to the way I see & hear the movie in my head.
And at the same time, our actors are bringing so much to the work,
choices that I never thought of,
making their characters richer than I’d ever heard in my head.

I’m happy with the work
I’m mostly satisfied with the job I’ve been doing
as every department but sound, makeup and camera.
satisfied, not happy
perfectionist and guerilla filmmaker
are conditions that don’t really compliment one another

Now comes the hard part.
August is when I start to editing in earnest.
Wearing the editor’s hat means choosing the best shots, the best performances,
and from all these bits and moments, looks and emotions,
craft a story that makes sense.
A visceral event that people will engage in, and identify with
I can’t think about the script,
I cant think about how hard we worked to get this shot or that one
My job as editor – much like my job as director – is to consider the story as a whole
the beginning, middle and end

Now I get to see what kind of a filmmaker I really am…

Teaser Trailer A

Teaser Trailer A