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money-movieFor the past few days I’ve been having the email exchange with someone who reached out to me thru Kickstarter. This person was very interested in something called a Section 181 tax credit. We know this Section 181 business. It was the whole purpose of during the promo before the end of 2011. Basically, a film project could quality for tax credits for its investors if it qualified.

The reason I didn’t pursuit it was several fold. For one. at the time no one knew if it would be renewed. It was renewed, but it’s called something different now – so was it truly renewed. Next, to initia; contract with which you must approach investors is an attorney prepared document that costs $4k-12K. And finally, the perpetually thorn in my side with fundraising: if I did have this document prepared, I don’t know how to find investors.

This person seems to have good intentions. This person suggested I show them my business plan. I love that someone reached out, but what this person didn’t say spoke louder than what was said. Business plans cost thousands of dollars to prepare as well. I spend 6 torturous weeks and actually produced one. No one’s getting a look at it without assurances or at minimum, validation of their credentials.

This person never said (wrote) “I am interested in investing in your film.” This person never said/wrote “I can help you find investors.” This person offered to help me brainstorm if I decided to take another look at it. This person seems like a nice person, but this person is just a phantom –  the promise of… something… maybe. Something I could need. And not even a promise. They want to see my crunched numbers and market research for… what exactly?

The point of this post is not to vent about folks who say they wanna help and then don’t. I’m actually pretty indifferent about the whole thing. But it brought me to a revelation I wasn’t really looking for.

BETTER HALF does not want investors. Investors would reap the benefit of all the sacrifices the cast and crew have already made – without the expectation of a cent. Investors get to be last in and first out with their money and their profits.  It’s too late for investors, because we’ve already done the hard – getting started. Finishing will be super difficult as well, but we’re half way there – we’re doing it the way “They” said it couldn’t be done. I am so proud and humbled by the sacrifices and dedication of our cast & crew. It almost feels like dirty money to let an INVESTOR have a piece of this great project without having some sweat equity in this game – just like the rest of us.

If you feel moved to help this project to completion – God Love you, now DO something. LIKE. SHARE. SUBSCRIBE. DONATE.

But emails offering to “Brainstorm” an avenue I’ve already explored and invalidated isn’t… productive. It’s a carrot. A phantom.