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Hey Kids!

It’s Pride Weekend in Los Angeles – and I dont get to have any of it! I’ll be makin’ that paper so we can keep this film moving forward. So to all my Proud Peeps, Have a cosmo and think of me. And drop by the Tomboy Tees Table for a free DVD copy of the Teaser Trailer. While supplies last…

To ALL the Rest of our Potential Backers worldwide, in honor of Pride we are extending the automatic raffle entry throughout the weekend! Anyone who makes a pledge today, tomorrow or Sunday is automatically entered into the Side Raffle we got going along with the campaign.

Here is another prize we are offering as part of our raffle:

Santa Pride Cap! As worn by the character Randy during our Christmas party scene. It’s the perfect way to be show your pride and get your Noel on at the same time. Caps are unique to this production, they will be handmade. Below is the closest example of what we are thinking – but our will be much cooler! And the correct colors too, promise.

So be sure to pledge during LA Pride weekend and get automatically entered.

More raffle prizes to be announced next week!

Have a good one Y’All! M!