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PornographyI can’t tell you how upset it makes me when people refer to our initial promo from December 2011 as pornographic. Directly. In jest. In passing. It all really upsets me.

Pornography is produced with a specific intent. It’s distinction is intent.

Since when is sex in itself pornographic? When you are getting busy with your partner, is that pornographic? Of Course NOT! Because it is meant to be private, between two people. And when characters in a narrative have sex, it’s between those two characters. They don’t know they are being watched. For them it’s all about enjoying each other. And in a perfect world, it’s all about the physical manifestation of a shared emotional state between two people.

And when people decide to refer to the first 30 seconds of a 4 minute clip and say that this is pornographic, I say that it is the individual who is choosing to pluck these characters out of the intended context and focus only on the physical act between consenting adult. It’s prudish and short-sighted and childish. It’s the perspective through which the viewer views the clip that makes it “pornographic.” Because my INTENT was never for anyone to stop paying attention after the first 30 seconds.

Last week Youtube pulled our promo for violation of decency guidelines. I made this same argument to them.

Our promo is back up now. I’m glad they agree with me. Our promo is NOT PORNOGRAPHY!