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Family PhotoHey KIDS!

Last week we completed three more shooting days. So we are still on schedule. Schedule? What is this schedule I Speak of?

The plan for filming BETTER HALF has always been we shoot a little at a time (whenever we have money), and nibble at this feature until we are done. So far we have been able to shoot something every month since February. And we are officially at the halfway point.

The Benchmarks for the rest of filming are as follows:

  • 4 scenes a day
  • 3 days a month
  • for the next 4 months

That breaks down to 48 scenes / 12 shooting days by the end of September and we will be DONE with principal photography! We NEED a cut ready by the end of November to make the deadline for submission to the TRIBECA Film Festival.

I want to remind you guys to LIKE our Facebook page, tell your friends about us and remember, you can always DONATE to our project through the link on our website – perks from our last Indiegogo campaign still apply! Filming costs about $1200 a day and the scenes are getting bigger, so WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

I’ve been toying with the idea of an Online Raffle. And yes, I will probably launch another Kickstarter campaign in June. (Trying to pull all the stops on this Fundraising thing)

Everyone has been so amazing in support of BETTER HALF. Please keep it up and show your love in any way that you can.

We’re half way there! With your help, we can make it across the finish line and bring this awesome story to a theatre near you. Represent!

Much luv & appreciation,

Michelle C!