It seems like every time I vow to update more, I update less! So I’m just gonna do my best to keep y’all abreast of the happenings on this film project.

Better Half Day One - 01

The Latest: Four Days of principle photography completed. Already we have weathered nightmare parking situations, creative differences and a complete exhaustion of operating funds. But we’ve made it thru FOUR DAYS. We have about TWENTY to go!

Better Half Day Three - 03

The footage looks great. The story is taking shape. And our micro cast and crew have worked their asses off to give this production a brilliant start! And the results of their diligence and dedication are evident in the shots we display here.

Better half Day One - 04

We have the most brilliant baby co-star in Avie Weber! She is so patient and happy and even-tempered, portraying the temperamental baby Dylan has proven a great challenge. And it is a challenge she is meeting with professionalism and grace.

Better Half Day Three - 02

It’s back to fundraising beginning next month. Hopefully folks will see how terrific this film is and will want to help us get across the goal line. (That’s means you!!)

Better Half Day Two - 01

Tell your Kids. Tell your Wife. Tell Your Neighbors! Better Half is happening! And when we’re done with it, it’s gonna ROCK!!