It’s hard to believe we are three weeks from embarking on another feature film. It feels quite surreal to be honest. I am rapt by the excitement of each new cast member, emboldened with every new YES I get, moving the project forward. It doesn’t actually feel like work. Right now there are things that need to get done, and there are so few of us to actively engaged in the business of getting things done. But it’s coming together nonetheless.

I think I understand childbirth now. My beautiful sister has four kids. As a perpetually single girl, I can only marvel at how she could go through that kind of pain over and over and over again. Even with modern medicine being what it is, the pain of childbirth is no joke. How do women go through that – knowing how difficult it is going to be?

Now I get it. This thing, this new life you are bringing into the world, once it’s here, almost instantly, you really do forget the pain it took to bring it forth unto the world.

Hence, here I go again…