For Indies, this is probably the hardest part. No film wants to shoot in the same six rooms and call it a feature. It can be done, it has been done, well. But this is a big film. Any film with high ambitions and a micro budget is going to go through this. Thought I would share. This is the message I have been sending out:

Location Pitch

And this is what I have been getting back:

Loft Response #1

FYI, the place is huge. This guy thinks I’m lying.

Bathroom Guy

I have a feeling this guy wants me to offer more money. Still chasing this one.

Loft #2

This chick didn’t even say hello and goodbye. I know she thinks I’m lying about how small we are.

I ran into this on my last feature. Folks will beg to shoot somewhere, swearing that they are a really small shoot. Then after they get a yes, they show up with two grip trucks and a cast and crew of thousands. Then someone actually tiny – like us – come along and the renter simply wont give us the benefit of the doubt. All their good will has been spent – and abused. I do get it. But it just sucks for micro budgets like us.

I did get one YES so far. So I will keep climbing that formidable mountain of NOs until I stumble across the next one. If Better Half is gonna be good and we dont have lots of dough, it’s just gonna take some time.

Next Week: The Triangle of Expectation.