Better Half IMDB PageHey Folks.

Just thought I would give y’all an update. After our successful Indiegogo campaign, we raised enough money to shoot a solid four days of shooting – possibly five if I can get really creative. We’re nailing down locations now, but it looks like we are finally going to ge some filming done.

The short term goal is to shoot enough scenes to put together a bonafide trailer so people can see more of the story, AND see that we’re seriously making a kickass film with a multitude of brilliant young actors. That means another round of casting in the coming weeks, begging more sponsors to come on board and of course – finding our Baby Dylan. That’s gonna be challenging. But we are a SAG signatory now, so hopefully there will be choices.

The long term goal is to nibble at the project, bit by bit until its done. My leading men have committed to staying til we finish – barring any unforeseen picture deals from WB or Universal (which could happen with these two). With a little luck and a lot of support from fans of the project, we will be finished before the end of 2013.

And it is all to commence late January, early February.

I’m nervous and excited. But mostly I’m so proud of the great work I know my guys are gonna do. And I get to be the one to show it to the world.

From now on, an Update on the 15th, hell or high water. Promise.

Be good y’all and thanks for checkin’ in! M!