I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month!

I have decided to add some fuel to my back stories regimen. I have been posting chapters for a while to introduce the characters of the Better Half mythology. This is a good way to crank out these chapters with focus and regularity, AND a deadline.

The official rules means that I have to start November first, OK , not gonna check that box. And there is a goal of writing at least 50,000 words. I’m plotting out my chapters, I’ve got 19 so far, not including what’s already been posted and I’m really excited to introduce the genesis of this relationship between these two guys and their evolution into a 21st century couple. (Who would’ve thought I’d be writing gay sex scenes again. Thought those days had gone the way of Queer as Folk). It will be a great incentive for when I do the next crowdfunding campaign.

Yes, I’m ramping up to put this puppy together – again. Going for broke this time. Time to see how many piece of the puzzle are still intact, and make it happen.

Stay tuned. (all four of you)