I was actually chided today for being poor.

There are alot of us out there, doing our best to turn a blind eye to the fact that upward mobility has all but cease in most professions. The creative world is not much different. It requires capital, access & luck to get any product out there, regardless of its quality or viability.

So someone gave me an introduction to a few people, who all have consulting services. I did not know this. I was looking for a sit down that could point me in the right direction, not give me an exact address; kinda like the sit down I had with my initial contact.

I told most that I was not in a position to buy their services but thank you. (Which I’m not. I’ll probably be homeless again by the end of the year) The response I got from one person was that they reserve giving FREE advice “to those who have been kind & gracious to us.” All I did was let this person know I couldn’t afford the services, and suddenly there is a judgment about how gracious I am?  There was a carrot presented, claiming that I could purchase exactly what I was looking for, but not the benefit of the doubt that I actually could not afford it. Talk about no empathy.

I got spoiled. My initial contact was a dream, the exception, not the rule. I got lucky with him.

I’ll stand by my initial assertion: Industry people BLOW! I’m stickin’ to the fringes!