It’s Friday! Another 24 hours away from day two of auditions. Even after the initial spike of submissions, resumes and email inquiries are still trickling in. Hopefully the audition space will be a bit quieter this week. More than half the confirmed auditions showed up, which is great. I’m hoping for the same result or better. It really makes a difference with talent gets a whit of the story we’re telling.

Been reaching out to more folks, looking for an EP (executive producer). So far not a peep from Dan Jinks or Paris Barclay. Wasn’t really expecting one. JD diSalvatore said she would take a look at the promo, no word back yet, but I’m sure she’s busy doing… something. I just want to be able to say “I tried to reach out to you”, once we make this puppy and become a modest hit.

That’s all I’m really aiming for, to do good work, to tell a good story, and to provide a launch pad for the other talented artist who go on this journey with me. I doubt we will make a ton of money on Better Half, but I’m sure we will turn a few heads.

I’ll let you know how things turn out this weekend. Thanks for checking in, M!