Hey Kids!

Wow, where do I begin?

Though I try in vain to do more updates, life keeps getting in the way. So I will trust that you know I am doing my best to keep all four of you updated with what’s happening with the project.

I have amassed a pretty impressive collection of paperwork. Lots of grown-up documents like business plans and shooting budgets and grant applications. Stuff an artist is not supposed to be good at – I’m doin’ it and I’m still here. Now comes the most challenging part of all – presentation. Who do I show all these cool papers to? It’s the question of the hours for any tiny project with big aspirations.

And I remembered something this week. When I shot my last film, it was a collection of strangers who said yes and made most of it possible. We got a movie theatre, a mobile home, and courtyard with a fountain – we even got a friggin’ airplane, all through the kindness of strangers. Non-Industry Folk. And that’s probably how its gonna happen this time too.

June looks like the time and place to launch.

Little excited. A little scared. But very determined, still.

More later y’all, M!