Hey Kids!

So here’s what’s happening with me.

I bought these great postcards. They printed a little dark, but they are totally usable. I am making a list – as usual – of all the cool gay boy spots in LA to start sprinkling and spreading the image and to try and drive traffic to the promo on youtube. It looks good. I am so anxious to get started and find funds to shoot this fabulous film.

I found this great tiny little library where I gained access to the Foundation Directory for free! (dodged the monthly $29.99 membership fee). This directory is the universal reference guide to all things foundation grant related. And lo, I don’t qualify for any of them! Surprised? I’m not. It is something I’ve known for awhile and that people persist in not believing. But now I have done the research and I have the empirical proof. I mean, one would think that a Brown girl in the arts who wants to make a movie  about a gay couple who wants to adopt a baby, you would think that with all those boxes checked, that someone would be interested in supporting a person or a story like mine. Nope.

Getting grant money is so specialized. Grants to individuals are scarce on the outset. Documentary money is out there. Woman money is out there – if you are making films about women or you are a student. African American money is out there – if you are a student or making a film about Black issues. Gay money is out there – if you are Gay and making a film about gay issues.

Is this good news or bad news? Maybe neither, just news, information. If this is in part a blog about the impossibility of getting a film make on your own, it’s good info for my fellow struggling artists. For those who say there is grant money out there for minority filmmakers – don’t believe it. People always look at me and look at the story I want to tell and automatically assume that there are places to go to find money for my artistic endeavor. Just not so. And now that I’ve done the research, I can go back to approaching folks with questions that are way too specific for them to be prepared to address, and hang my hat on the hope that individual donors hold. And there’s still my fiscal sponsors, that’s not nothing. Been stewing on a killer ask letter

Besides, money doesn’t get indie films made – persistence of will does. And I still got some left so… Have a great weekend y’all.