Hey Kids:

As usual, life has been a bit challenging, as it has been for most of us, so updates are a bit irregular. You know what happens every time you set up a schedule, it falls apart – seemingly just because you set it in the first place. But that is not to say that things are getting done.

Knowledge is power. I know, it’s a cliché, but it’s still true. And as I weed through documents and websites and articles about independent filmmaking and the tremendous uphill battle most of us face with the near impossibility of finding funding, I feel as though knowledge will be my best asset. Over and over again, I have read about the indie filmmaker who has stars in their eyes, expecting people to fall in love with their stories the way they themselves love their stories. I won’t deny I’m one of those. The first step is recognition of that fact, it’s great armor to have. I also know there’s a market for this tale of two dads – gay cinema is hungry for stories like this. I have is a clear sense of my audience and where I will go to find them. Lastly, I have a desire to get this story told that surpasses my desire to make millions off of it.

And I have knowledge. With each article I read and each person I speak with, I have a more clear sense of what kinds of hurdles I will face and how to navigate them when they appear. Cliché or not, knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you. It’s an unfaltering ally that is indiscriminate in its allegiances. In short, if I know the same things that the $300 an hour lawyer knows, it levels the playing field a little.

Time is another factor. Again, it seems to be always working against me. But that may in fact be an illusion. It’s easy to get caught up in the urgency of acting on new information or staying on track – like having a schedule! Sometimes the passing of time, or the perceived lack thereof is just that, perception. So I’m re-learning how to look at time. It is just as important for filmmakers to understand time, as it is for them to understand the securities and exchange bits to filmmaking.

So that’s what’s happening with me. Research and reading and research and writing and more reading. Doing my best to discern the valuable bits from the din of propaganda and opinion. I’m very close to sending my story out into the world (pitching producers and distributors). But I’m sticking to my guns about one thing: I won’t do it until I’m ready.

Thanks for checking in. More later, M!