Wow, January is almost over! And I have not gotten half of what I wanted done finished. My life has gotten way too interesting for my liking. But that is just what life does, keeps it interesting, right? It just means I have to work harder.

I met with a lawyer for the first time yesterday. She was great, despite the fact that it was not my best pitch. I got some good ideas, but not the answers I want – correction, not the answers I need. So I’ll keep knocking on doors. The Truth is out there! (That sounds cool, maybe I’ll use that…)

Entries have been a bit stalled lately, but I’m adding new stuff every week. More and more pieces to the puzzle. Check out the other tabs on the site. I suggest starting with Back Stories – allow me to welcome you into the world of Tony and Leo from the beginning.

Until next time, Later Y’all!