Two actors. Two AC/Grips.                            One AD/Caterer. One DP.                               One Makeup Gal. One Sound Guy.               One Writer/Director/Producer.                 One Awesome Location hostess.

We did it.

With the minimum of drama and a maximization of talent. I didn’t get the two sexy handheld shots I wanted, but we wrapped 90 minutes early.

Actors were so on point, made every adjustment I asked for. But mostly their were just consistent and committed and so professional that most of my day was spent finessing the blocking for the location. Those guys were great – crew thought so too.

And the CREW! My DP is so fast – God Love him! My Assistant Director took over the reigns for lunch without my even asking. My Grip/ACs were there for everything and anything needed at the moment. Sound and makeup getting the job done stealthily.

With the exception of a Kino bulb exploding early on in the day (no one hurt, just really freaked out for a while), the day could not have gone smoother.

did I mention I was sick as a dog the entire time? the show must go on… right?