Call Back Snapshot

One potential "Tony & Leo" pairing - diving right into their roles

Yesterday, I invited six extraordinary dudes to rotate pairings to find a cool chemistry couple for the promo we are shooting before Christmas. All six turned out – which was awesome. I was humbling to have such great actors turn out for our little project.

Good news, bad news. Everyone was great and happy, which is awesome for a 9:30 AM start. And I got the donut order right, check. But everyone was GREAT. Every combo had something different to offer, a different strength to each pair. I’m really not kidding – everyone was spectacular! I feel so blessed and grateful to those guys. I am going to have a really difficult time choosing our couple.

If only I didn’t have to choose just two. But it’s a great problem to have. Casting decision should happen by Wednesday. Then onward to shooting this puppy before Xmas. Stay Tuned…