Hey Folks,

Exciting developments. This weekend we will be having callbacks for the promo teaser I am shooting for Better Half as part of the business plan. It seems business folks was projections and show biz folk want commercials. I will be shooting something to satisfy both camps.

I am very excited about the actors lined up to possible portray the first live action versions of your dear couple – Tony & Leo. The scene is lifted directly from the screenplay and will be shot exactly how I intend to shoot it when the feature happens. Really talented guys coming in, it will be very difficult to chose. This weekend is about chemistry reads. While every actor called back is really talented, at the end of the day, I’m looking for a couple.

The goal is to post the scene the first of the year along with a Facebook page. In 2012, I will also be introducing Back Stories: a series origin tales from the world of Tony & Leo. The first chapter is done, in what looks like a ten chapter series. But it may be longer. It is all contingent on time and how long-winded I feel.

Big Thanks again to our supporters over at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood for helping make this promo possible.

That’s it for now. Later Y’all!