In preparation for creating my Better Half business plan, the film financing book “Getting the Money” by Jeremy Juuso describes making a Financial Projections grid based on films with similar criteria as yours. Based on American films 1) made in the last ten year, 2) Dramatic leaning genre, 3) a budget of $13.5 million or less, and 4) a PG-13 or R Rating, the Top Ten financially successful, independently produced, Gay-Themed films are:

  1. The Kids Are Alright
  2. Far From Heaven
  3. Boys Don’t Cry*
  4. Kinsey
  5. A Single Man
  6. Transamerica
  7. Beginners
  8. But I’m A Cheerleader*
  9. I Love You, Phillip Morris
  10. L.I.E.

Not a bad start, for free! The book warns this research process will get expensive. Good thing I’ve good killer research chops & beaucoup de internet savvy.

Gobble-gobble Y’all.