Holy Smokes it’s been a minute!

Hey Kids! I guess I keep forgetting that thinking about what I am going to post in NOT the same as posting (haha). For those still reading and interested here is the latest.

I had a producer for a hot minute. She loves my story and wanted to be involved with the project from the moment I started workshopping it in a class we had together. I’m not sure if I mentioned her before, but I was terribly happy to have a partner in crime – finally. Someone to go on this journey and fight the fundraising battle with me. Be the brains where and when I only knew how to be an artist.

And she didn’t get me. No one at fault really. We just have incompatible styles. She is ALL business and I am mostly Artistic and we just couldn’t seem to find common ground. Maybe if we tried harder, but frankly, my feelings were hurt. I am certain she has no idea that she did it, bu that’s also part of the problem. So it was time to move on.

A few weeks ago Bill Duke came to Art Center and talked to students about, well everything. How he works with actor, what were his greatest challenges? The usual. I had stopped going to these things because of how depressed I get by hearing other people’s good luck stories, how they stumbled into MY dream job. But Mr. Duke actually gave me two pearls to take with me.

1. As Director, you have to show that you can manage time, people and money.

2. The days of being just an artist are over. You have to know the business side of filmmaking to survive.

That stuck with me. But, I kinda already knew that. So as much as I have dreaded the task, I am slowly teaching myself the business side of things. I had always said as an editor, and a cog in the post-production cycle, the more you know about the job of the guy next to you, the better you can execute your own because it’s all connected. I have started to apply that philosophy to the artistic and business sides of filmmaking.

The new target production start date is April 2012. I plan to look for money wherever I can. I have secured representation for the script, so I can start shopping my script to production companies that seem like a good fit for our tale of two daddys. Concurrently, I plan to compose a business plan so I can look for money outside the hollywood machine. Learning alot about where to look and presentation of my product. Target date for completion of business plan is December 1st. Too late in the holiday season by industry standards, but not (I’m hope) for investors looking for tax write offs before the end of the year. More on that later.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share the books I am reading. Being more conscientious about letting you guys know where I am in the process, who I’m talking to, rejections and successes.

I still wish I had a partner in crime to lean on, to help out, to take over when I get exhausted. But Let’s face it kids, this is independent film. The only person who is going to push this puppy across the finish line is ME.

More to come. Take Care.