Hey Kids:

Here’s the latest. Just a bit of activity. I believe I have actually finished this script. The writers out there know that the writing is never finished. You can mess with a piece of dialogue for weeks and still find something to tweak. But I think I’m there. No more tweaking. It’s solid – really good. Any changes beyond this will manifest themselves once the text is in the hands of an actor – I love those kinds of changes. Actors inhabit a character in a way a writer simply can’t. Its pretty remarkable to watch and such a privilege for writers who get to experience it.

As most of you industry folk know, getting your script out there is tough. Shopping a script with the writer attached to direct is even harder. But I’m doing it. I have reached out to a friend to see if he will represent the script as I chase after a handful of production companies to partner with me in producing this film. Hopefully I get a little further into the door.

Got another rave review from a person I really respect. He said my writing is “so much better” and “You took this script and turned it into a movie”. That meant alot coming from this person –  a professional screenwriter himself. I’m working up the nerve to start doing vid-blogs and creating a separate FB page.

People call me brave alot. It’s a rep I never really worked for, so making good on that expectation is a little taunting. But people can’t support you if they don’t know you. Let people know who you are.