Dear Levi Kreis:

Thanks so much for the coffee time tonight. Your humility is astonishing. And your candor is much appreciated. I think I finally “know” a famous person who does not make me nervous. (Well, not that nervous.)

Of course there were so many other things I forgot to ask you. I knew I should have made a list. But I didn’t wanna come off as a dork. Wanted to appear as casual as a freakishly nervous person could.

Again, I’m really happy you enjoyed the script. You paid me a great compliment and please know that the feeling is mutual. And I’m very happy you are willing and ready to support me in helping our little film project come to fruition. As soon as I figure out how you might do that, I’ll let you know.

My best to Jason, and to you as you continue working on your new CD. It’s sounding great!

Thank you!!