Hola Lovelies!

For the four of you who are still reading, please know that there will be regular updates here. Still shaking off my momentary set backs and re-calibrating, but I’m very much still in the game.

I knew that once I started this, I would have to see it through. This is my one shot. Ya see, the story is out there now. I have to make this happen before someone else comes up with something close. And possibly does it better or faster.

I am teaching myself all sorts of stuff like budgets and looking for lawyers and tweaking the script. Auditions told me alot about what was working and what wasn’t in the script. I have always scoffed at stage readings, never really saw the point. Well, in auditions I heard the point. I am also changing the name of a character in honor of a Kickstarter supporter. His name is much cooler than the one I chose for the character. Sometimes you just have to hear it to know. I call never scoff again.

Last week I had an abysmal day, like Top Ten worst – but it came with a light at each end of the tunnel. The Start of my day brought the possibility that my script would get to an actor on my celebrity short list. The End of the day brought confirmation that another celebrity actor – whom I love and have wanted for a long time – read the script, really liked the script and would do it if the production were SAG. I just cant tell you how that energized me; that I knew in my guts that I would be working with this person – who I think is truly remarkable.

There is lots of ground work to be done before anything cool happens with this project, but I plan to keep you updated. If you found this blog, then you must appreciate the script or “the struggle” so I am happy to have silent partners in crime during this endeavor.

Thanks a lot for coming on board. I’ll do my best to keep it real.