Despite the drama of the past 48 hours, we had an amazing turn out for auditions. Folks in the business know if you get a 50% turn out for auditions, you’ve had a great day. Well we had a fantastic day! It turns out the change of venue inadvertently helped us. Note to self: if it is a fight to go there, dont. Go where they want you.

My eternal gratitude goes out to Racquel Lehrman @ Theatre Planners!

If you’ve checked out the script using the tab on the right (password: babydylan) then you know that the cast is GI-Normous. So, while we saw dozens of great people today, we are just scratching the surface. We are planning two days of auditions next weekend to try and put a dent in this process. Here’s hoping more great actors will find us and come out of the woodwork like they did today.

Meanwhile I’m counting on YOU. Please tell your friends about us. We have less than two weeks left to reach our goal on Kickstarter. Help us make this movie happen!!

Best, Michelle C!