Everyone in Hollywood knows how hard it is to meet the “right people.” Making the right impression at the right time for the right person can make or break a career in this town.

Luckily, the response I receive most often from folks who have read the script for Better Half is exactly the same, “very impressive.”

“Compelling” is good.

“a great job!” OK, Great!

“Very interesting.” I’ll take that too.

But “very impressive” is a perfect baseline because that is what this film aims to do – to make an immutable impression on its audience.

Wanna see what the buzz is about – from friends and strangers alike?

Visit the SCRIPT tab and read it for yourself. The password this week is babydylan.

I’m betting this story will not only impress you, but also make you wanna click the donate on the right. I’m betting – You’ll wanna see this movie made as much as we do.